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Ugly Americans: Kurt Metzger Is the Zombie Scumbag You Love to Hate

Do the show’s writer encourage you to improv a lot of Randall’s dialogue when you record the episodes?

Yeah, they encourage it. But I think the writing has gotten really good. [Creator] Devin (Clark) has such a cool vision and one that I already like, so I just want to make my part of that as cool as possible. They make it easy for me to do that. The season two episodes are funny. For only having two seasons so far, the learning curve of being funny and knowing the characters is way up. I’m really pleased with it. Every part of this is relaxed and fun for me.


Porn Star Prom Date of the Day: Like a lot of teenagers, Mike Stone just wants to spend his senior prom with a bunch of his friends. And a porn star.

A month ago, Stone turned to Twitter in his quest to land an adult actress as his date to the dance, and after over 600 tweets, he may have finally found the lucky lady: Megan Piper.

“If you can get me there, then yes,” the porn starlet tweeted.

Flying Piper from L.A. to Oakdale, MN isn’t exactly in Stone’s 18-year-old budget, and he hasn’t told his parents about his bold scheme, so he’s decided to raise the funds via Twitter, with a little help from his new prom date.

“I’d love to go to prom with @madmike42948 and I think you all should help him raise funds to get me there,” Piper told her Twitter followers.

Whether he succeeds or not, Stone’s scheme has already earned him a sufficient measure of  respect from his friends.

“I was actually thanking people who are cheering me on and telling me to keep on with it. They keep telling me I’m a legend and a hero,” he told The Daily Dot.


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